About Whatsapp

Simple, Secure and Reliable messaging. These three terms completely describe “WhatsApp”. It is a social networking platform connecting people of all over the world at one place with their friends and relatives, anytime and anywhere. It is used by more than 1 billion people in over 180+ countries.

We can easily send Text and Audio messages, Documents, Images, Videos, User location and lots of funny Emojis to our loved ones. WhatsApp Messenger is a free, cross-platform, end –to-end encrypted instant messaging proprietary available everyone. A single grey tick means message has been sent successfully, a second grey tick means it's been delivered to the other person's phone. The double blue tick informs you that the message has been read by the recipient.

WhatsApp Download:-

WhatsApp is cross-platform means it can be run in any device like pc, macbook, android phone and phone also.

Steps for downloading whatsApp in pc:-

We have different pc based on different operating systems like Windows, Linux and UNIX. These O.S. are cheap and easy to maintain. So we don’t need to do extra task for downloading whatsApp. By using bluestacks we can easily use whatsApp.

Install an emulator like Blue stacks from the link bluestacks.com.

Sign up and your personal details including your phone number.

Click on “call me” and you will get verification code.

Download link for emulator: - https://bluestacks.com.

How to download whatsApp in Mac:-

Mac pc runs on ios Platform which is different form windows and others. And is costly and heavy so we can’t use any third party app or emulator like bluestacks in this therefore whatsApp provide us whatsApp web feature to use whatsApp.

Go to web.whatsapp.com on chrome

On your phone, tap WhatsApp> Menu> WhatsApp web> “+” icon.

Point the phone’s camera to the QR code on the screen.

WhatsApp will detect the code and sync your phone’s client with your computer.

And now you can use the whatsApp on your Mac too.

Download whatsApp on IPhone:-

IPhone also runs on ios platform but provide its Apple app store for using the whatsApp in the phone. Therefore we don’t need to use whatsApp web or any other emulator. IPhone is also costly but very much used by millions of people.

Go to Apple app store.

Download WhatsApp and install it.

Feed your details and number.

You will get a verification code and enter the code.

Now you are ready to use whatsApp on your IPhone.